Pune University Sppu Students Face 'PRN Blocked' Issue,They have to wait to fill The exam form

These days, some of the latest updates are coming out of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). Engineering students are facing problems regarding PRN. Even before the 2019 pattern, there were students from the 2015 and 2013 patterns whose PRN was blocked, and now they were asked to appear for the SET BE paper from the 2019 pattern. While those candidates wanted to appear in the final paper of BE.

Sachin Pandule of Yuvak Kranti Dal is implementing this and is contacting the university regarding it. Yesterday, students and staff lawyers gathered at the university to discuss the issue with the Pro VC, Dr. Suresh Gosavi. Senate members of Pune University were also present at that time to listen to the complaints of the students. The team has assured the students

The students presented their problems before Vice Chancellor Suresh Gosavi, Pro Vice Chancellor Parag Kalkar Sir, Director of Examination Department Dr. Mahesh Kakde, Registrar Prafulla Pawar, and Senate members. Students were assured that a decision in this regard would be taken at the BOE meeting.

Students have also been assured by the examination department that they will soon issue a circular in this regard. Due to the PRN-blocking issue, students are yet to fill out their examination forms for the upcoming examination to be held in October or November. The date for filling out their examination form has also ended. Now students are waiting to get a positive response from the university.

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